Tom Carter ( US )

  • guitar
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Tom Carter is an improvising musician working in the medium of rock and experimental music with the intent to disrupt the boundaries of both via non-traditional venues and unusual scenarios. His electric guitar work weaves strands of melody, drone, fuzz, and charged silence into intricately detailed instant compositions. Best known for his work with iconoclastic acid-folk improvisers Charalambides, Tom Carter currently focuses on solo performances and recordings. His Three Lobed 2LP Long Time Underground was selected as the number-one experimental album of 2015 by Pitchfork.

As a co-founder of Internal/ Eternal with Rachel Orosco, Carter has performed in collaborative multimedia works in various non-traditional venues around the country. Internal/ Eternal is the recipient of a 2019 Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant from the Houston Arts Alliance and the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs.

Tom Carter frequently collaborates with other musicians. His regular projects include a duo with No Neck Blues Band co-founder Pat Murano, Spiderwebs (with Houston guitarist Sandy Ewen), Sarin Smoke (with Peter Swanson), Badgerlore (with Rob Fisk, Ben Chasny, and others), and Houston free-rock band Morning Scales the Mountain. Other fellow travelers have included Thurston Moore, Jandek, Susan Alcorn, Maria Chavez, Martha Colburn, Heather Leigh, Gate, Loren Connors, Bardo Pond, Joe McPhee, Tom Surgal, Steve Gunn, Robert Horton, Dredd Foole, Pip Proud, Tim Barnes, Aaron Rosenblum, Dora Bleu, Sam Shalabi, Marcia Bassett, Christian Kiefer, Paul Flaherty, Tetuzi Akiyama, Shawn David McMillen, Inca Ore, Starving Weirdos, Ensemble Economique, Helena Espvall, Robert Millis, Matt Valentine, among many others.

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