the third annual the no idea festival was initiated in june of 2003 to celebrate the growing creative music communities in austin and houston, and to inspire further communication, organization and collaboration between the two cities . in 2004, with the continued activity of these two communities, the festival grew to include visiting artists from across the US and Europe for four days and nights of collaboration .

now in its third year, the no idea festival aspires to continue to function as a root system - to simultaneously provide the space for creative artists to come together and do their work, to share approaches and interests, and to continue to share in a process which continually creates the groundwork for future collaborations and thus, the continued creativity of the art itself .

no idea festival 2005
march 31 .
april 1 . 2 .
austin . texas
three days and nights of creative music featuring improvisors from: austin, baltimore, boston, houston, new mexico, nyc, philadelphia, portland, san francisco, and seattle.