Mutarrancho ( VE / US )

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Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Ernesto Montiel is a visual artist and improviser. He has been dj-ing since his teens. Ernesto moved to Dallas in 2015.

He took the Mutarrancho name for dj gigs since the beginning of 2016, usually in experimental music, jazz and certain kinds of latin music shows. He has dj-ed twice for No Idea (2017, 2018) and on the opening night of Sonic Transmissions Festival (2017).

First active in Venezuela, Ernesto’s initial improvisation project was an open collective called El Jaibo (1995) which spawned several other projects, including: Los Jardineros del Chance, and Metra. In 2016 he began playing with Miguel Espinel in the electroacoustic free improvisation duo Monte Espina, which has collaborated with other musicians including Cut Shutters, Robert Haultaine, Elaine Di Falco, Louise Fristensky, Kevin Butler, Ray Henninger, Aaron Gonzalez, Liz Tonne, Matthew Frerck, Steve Jansen, Tom Carter, Locations, Michelle. Monte Espina’s first official release “y culebra” will be published very soon on Marginal Frequency. Ernesto performs in numerous improvisation ensembles in the DDFW area along with Sarah Ruth Alexander, Lily Taylor, Andrew Miller, Chris Curiel and others.

Since the beginning of KUZU LP FM 92.9, a Denton community radio, he’s been a monthly guest on Sarah Ruth’s show Tiger D, and started his own every-other-Thursday two-hour show, Sonido Tumbarrancho, on August 2018.

He is curator for the Further Sounds/Further Jazz experimental music series at The Wild Detectives and has been booking shows at Top Ten Records, Texas Theater and Full City Rooster. He has recently teamed with Rob Forman, as MentalRRancho, for further booking endeavours. As a visual artist Montiel has been developing for some years a chance driven body of work, Stochastic Ethics.

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