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michael maxwell

electronics (dallas)

Dallas, Texas transplant Michael Maxwell spent the early 80's playing guitar in various rock bands while attending NTSU in Denton TX. The last 15 years Maxwell has been experimenting with electronics and the past several years he has been showcasing the results live beginning with the solo project, Shortwave Death System (S.D.S.) using only shortwave radio signal. This led to the more organic duo with his brother Chris called SUBkommander, which primarily focuses on the use of amplified kalimba and other ethnic instruments.

Maxwell is also the co-founder of the noise group Aphonic Curtains, and has done a year long residence with the group Zanzibar Snails which has spun off into a new group The Watchers.

Michael Maxwell is an improviser at any level sharing his talents with many great local and national acts including Aaron Gonzalez's stellar Age Of Disinformation group. Maxwell will soon incorporate the guitar back into the formula to expand his musical space.