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mario de vega

electronics (mexico city / berlin)

Mario de Vega's work includes site-specific installations and events, sculpture, Sound Art, false authorship, sampling, sound design and improvisation with electronic devices.

As an improviser, he has collaborated with Hans Tammen & Joker Nies (Die Schrauber), Satoshi Takeishi, Kanta Horio, German Bringas, Shelley Hirsch, John Zorn & William Winant (Cobra), Juan Pablo Villa, Alexander Bruck, Andrea Parkins, Burkhard Stangl, Angelica Castelo, Jake Elliot, Chris Cogburn, Ezequiel Netri, and Rogelio Sosa, among others.

His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Japan, United States and Spain.