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multi-instrumentalist (nyc)

The work of Cooper-Moore is a testament to commitment, vision, spirit, compassion, and invention. Born and raised in the Piedmont Area of the Virginian Blue Ridge Mountains, Cooper-Moore played piano in churches as a child prodigy. In the early 1970's he moved to New York, and began his association with the fertile and revolutionary "loft scene" of underground jazz, collaborating with such musicians as David S. Ware, Marc Edwards, and William Parker. An accomplished composer and virtuosic piano player, Cooper-Moore quit public performance in 1981, depriving the creative music world of a unique and vital talent. He dedicated himself to youth, working intensively with a variety of communities. He has developed and implemented his own music curriculum; and has been sent around the country by Head Start to teach it to others. For the last 25 years, Cooper-Moore has assisted the disabled, the incarcerated, the at-risk, and the underserved; affecting them with his passion and understanding of personal and community progress through creative work.

In the early 90's, Cooper-Moore returned to public performance and was discovered by a new generation of fans. His unique talents were a revelation. He is a renaissance man, whose performances encompass honest and insightful storytelling, wide-ranging explorations on hand-made instruments, and intensely virtuosic piano playing. Cooper-Moore is the quintessential "unsung hero". He is an artist who understands the urgent need for unique voices. He delivers on his commitments, both in the community and on the stage.